Day 11, Thursday October 25 Pools of Bethesda, Church of St Anne (birthplace of Mary), Via Dolorosa, Mass at The Church of the Holy Sepluchre, Yad VaShem (Holocaust History Museum)

Pools of Bethesda

Church of St Anne

Via Dolorosa

Mass in the church of The Holy Sepulchre

Yad VaShem

Culture ll

Information about Antonio Barluzzi, architect of many churches in The Holy Land

Alabaster Windows

Day 10, Wednesday October 24 Mt of Olives, Palm Sunday Walk, Gethsemane, Church of Agony, Mary’s Tomb, Southern Wall Excavation, Western (Wailing) Wall

Mt of Olives

Palm Sunday Walk


Church of Agony

Mary’s Tomb

Southern Wall Excavation

The Western Huldah Gate

Western (Wailing) Wall